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Октябрь 2012

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the thirty-seventh Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure!

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The Last Word — Rising Panic

The Raven, Gridania’s leading tabloid, alights today, bearing words as dark as its wings. It is not only the people of Eorzea who feel a sense of mounting dread—denizens of the wild have also grown agitated under the looming shadow of the Seventh Umbral Era.

As ever, intrepid reporter Kipih Jakkya is out in the thick of the action, and writes to us regarding her observations.

The Lodestone will be undergoing a number of changes as we approach the release of A Realm Reborn. As a result, after the last save maintenance on November 1, character data will no longer be updated on the website. In addition, some character data will not be carried over to the new Lodestone.
These upcoming changes are explained in today’s post.

Keep reading for details.

Всем привет!
Я только что вернулся с Игромира 2012! Там было просто очень очень ооочень здорово! Если вы там были делитесь впечатлениями в комментариях!
Ближе к 23-24 часам сегодня выложу все фотки как всегда дам ссылку на Picasa альбом и так же выложу видео.
В следующем году обязательно буду косплеить кого то из Fnal Fantasy XIV!

Фотографии с Игромира 2012!

Игромир 2012 Youtube Channel

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the thirty-sixth Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure!
Pore over the complete letter.

As we transition from the game’s current version to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, existing game content will be undergoing a number of changes. This post will detail such changes coming to items and the monetary system.
Read on for the details.

Rejoice, European players, for the Culinary Creation Contest has come! The Community Team is challenging adventurers to prepare the perfect pudding of their choice.
Tap Eorzea’s bounty of exotic ingredients to create a mouthwatering recipe for our resident gourmands to judge. All you have to do is post your recipe alongside an in-game screenshot of you cooking at the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa.

We’ll be picking three winners for each European language.

Please read the full rules for details.