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Апрель 2011

Patch 1.17a is now live, bringing with it a number of sidequests and other new content, such as guild tasks.

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Mailbox / Delivery System

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Seeking Party Flag

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Instant Dungeons

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As the warm winds of spring loosen winter’s icy grip on the realm, slowly laughter returns once again to Eorzea. Yet it is not the mere changing of the seasons that has ushered in this blossoming of joy. A strange, new festival is underway and people young and old are finding themselves caught up in the celebratory mood.

A weekly Gridanian tabloid entitled The Raven was one of the first outlets to pick up on the story behind this fledgling holiday and its fast-growing popularity.

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Patch 1.17 is now live and brings with it a number of new notorious monsters, sidequests, features and fixes!
There have also been changes to party sizes, and system-side updates coinciding with this.
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We are pleased to announce the launch of the official Grand Companies of Eorzea page!

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На форуме пробежала новость о том что очень многие хотят видеть женщин Роегадинок и мужчин Микоте 🙂 и разработчики подумают о том, чтобы добавить противоположный пол для этих раc к выходу PS3 версии игры.

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this response back to you!

We talked to Yoshida and one of the things he mentioned was that the number of people wanting a female Roegadyn was pretty unexpected! He wanted us to let you know that the team will do their best to introduce missing genders alongside the launch of the PS3 version.

Если кликните на картинку сверху она вас сразу перенесет на эту ветку официального форума.

Though these creatures can appear hauntingly similar to existing monsters, their ferocious nature sets them apart from their weaker cousins. Many an adventurer has met an untimely demise by failing to recognize risks that come with engaging these deadly adversaries. To ensure you fare better, this post not only includes in-depth views of three select notorious monsters, but provides screenshots for all twenty being introduced. It will also take a first-time look at three pieces of epic gear obtainable by slaying the beasts.

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Update or Patch information has seemed somewhat scarce the past couple of weeks. Today however, the information is starting to come in! Details about patch 1.17 that’s landing in a couple of days and now some bits of information via the Official Forums!

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As promised in the seventh Letter from the Producer, we are happy to announce that patch 1.17 is on schedule for release in a matter of days.
◆ Patch 1.17 Release Date
Thursday, April 15, 2011 (following server maintenance)

◆ Patch 1.17 Maintenance Time
01:00 p.m. to 03:00 p.m. (Moscow time)

The following is a brief outline of the planned changes:

◆ Patch Outline
[dev1002] [dev1003] The implementation of new sidequests
[dev1011] The balancing of guildleve rewards
[dev1020] Adjustments and additions to the party system
Maximum party size has been reduced to 8 members.
Parties with 4 to 7 members are now called «light parties.»
Parties with 8 members are called «full parties.»
Special status enhancements will be granted to light and full parties. (Changes to party member display UI still under consideration.)
[dev1021] Adjustments to battle content in conjunction with the new party system
Adjustments to behest difficulty and bonuses to accommodate new full party size of 8 members.
Adjustments to the behest schedule.
[dev1029] Adjustments to environment collision detection
[dev1030] Adjustments to enemy distribution
[dev1031] The addition of new notorious monsters
[dev1038] The implementation of new equipment and items
[dev1039] The reduction of randomness affecting the approach phase in gathering
[dev1040] Adjustments and additions to active icons

A more detailed report can be found in the 1.17 patch notes, scheduled for release on April 14.