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Coerthas Western Hightlands
Q1 For All the Nights to Come
Q2 Baby Steps
Q3 Protecting What’s Important
Q4 Bridge Over Frozen Water
Q5 Purple Flame, Purple Flame
F1 (21-34) South of The Bed of Bones
F2 (25-27) Hug the cliff and it will be at the end
F3 (29-24) Next to Black Iron Bridge
F4 (11-18) On the Dreaming Dragon jump up onto the darker rocks just below the current
F5 (23-9) At the very top of a large rocky out cropping
F6 (13-7) Peak of a snowy outcropping
F7 (34-26) The Warrens and look for a little landing to drop down to you’ll see it on the next drop below
F8 (31-11) climb the stairs jump to the small roof and shimmy round the side
F9 (24-8) Go east from the Dusk Vigil entrance it’s tucked in a little nook
F10 (30-33) Walk out of Falons Nest just a little ways out
The Dravanian Forelands
Q1 A Lesson in Humility
Q2 Chocobo’s Last Stand
Q3 Natural Repellent
Q4 Some Bad News
Q5 Mourn in Passing
F1 (25-12)
F2 (9-36)
F3 (12-19)
F4 (22-20)
F5 (19-34)
F6 (27-39)
F7 (26-22)
F8 (36-22)
F9 (30-24)
F10 (37-28)
The Dravanian Hinterlands
Q1 Saro Roggo’s Common Life
Q2 Taking Stock
Q3 Ebb and Aetherflow
Q4 Louder than Words
Q5 Forbidden Knowledge
F1 The Tipped Ewer (19-31) at the top of a short, near vertical, climb.
F2 The Ruling Quarter (27-26) accessible from the south, on the edge of a cliff.
F3 Path of Knowing (20-37) at the edge of the broken bridge.
F4 The Answering Quarter (5-33) in the mountain region.
F5 The Answering Quarter (11-23) in the water surrounded by Great Morbol.
F6 The Answering Quarter (6-21) on a small hill surrounded by Sun Bear.
F7 The Collectors’ Quarter (17-18) at the edge of the collapsed bridge.
F8 Thaliak River (23-23) by the side of the river.
F9 The Makers’ Quarter (37-21) at the top of a small climb.
F10 The Makers’ Quarter (36-26) at the top of a small climb.
The Churning Mists
Q1 Waiting to Inhale
Q2 The Unceasing Gardener
Q3 Road Kill
Q4 The Bathing Bully
Q5 Into the Aery
F1 Tharl Oom Khash (18-8)
F2 Monsterie (34-15)
F3 Eil Tohm (36-26)
F4 Ohl Tahn (21-20)
F5 Ohl Tahn (16-20)
F6 Four Arms (17-28)
F7 Zenith (7-27)
F8 Asah (20-26)
F9 Sohm Al Summit (30-35)
F10 Landlord Colony (23-19)
The Sea of Clouds
Q1 Flying the Nest
Q2 Sleepless in Ok’ Zundu
Q3 Search and Rescue
Q4 Clipped Wings
Q5 Bolt, Chain, and Island
F1 Vundu Ok’ Bendu (34-20) deep in the stronghold, accessible from Cloudtop.
F2 Last Step (27-27) in an open area with Dhalmel, accessible from Cloudtop.
F3 Ok’ Vundu Vana (23-19) underneath the large Vundu structure, accessed from Ok’ Zundu.
F4 Ok’ Vundu Vana (32-18) easily visible with few mobs nearby, accessed from Ok’ Zundu.
F5 The Blue Window (26-13) on a ledge hidden behind a small hill, accessed from Ok’ Zundu.
F6 The Blue Window (9-19) due south of Ok’ Zundu.
F7 Wisent Herd (25-38) in an open area with Wisent, accessible from Cloudtop.
F8 Last Step (12-29) in a lower area surrounded by wily paissa, accessible from Cloudtop.
F9 Voor Sian Siran (32-36) in an open pool area, accessible from Cloudtop.
F10 Cloudtop (10-34) below the Aetheryte Camp.
Azys La
Q1 Systematic Exploration
Q2 In Node We Trust
Q3 Chimerical Maintenance
Q4 Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
Q5 Fetters of Lament

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